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Dial "J" for Jerry is the first cartoon of the ten DePatie-Freleng Tom and Jerry shorts. The title of the cartoon is a play on the 1954 film Dial M for Murder, but the plot bears no resemblance whatsoever.


The cartoon starts with Tom chasing Jerry through the city. Jerry runs the fastest he can to evade Tom, and halts by a manhole. He turns his head to see Tom approaching him closer and jumps on the end of the manhole lid he his close to, making it fly towards the cat and hits him in the face, flattening it into a disk shape. The lid falls off and lands on Tom's foot making him scream painfully.

Jerry escapes and runs into an airport. Tom tries to follow Jerry there, but is instantly kicked out by a security guard because of a "No Cats Allowed" policy.

Determined to get in, Tom tries a bunch of methods:

Creeping past the guard: Tom crouches and crawls past the guard like a snake. Unfortunately, the security guard catches him and throws him out.

Spraying himself invisible: Tom sprays himself with invisible spray and walks past the guard. However, he is still caught (presumably due to the animation making him outlined) and is thrown out of the airport and into a water fountain, where he is rendered visible again by the water.

Hiding in a luggage: Tom opens an empty luggage, gets in, and closes the luggage. He then begins to jump past the security guard, where he, surprisingly, fails to notice the luggage-Tom this time. Tom succeeds and jumps onto a conveyor belt and opens it up to see Jerry on a nearby luggage, waving at him. Jerry then jumps out, leaving Tom (still in his luggage) to move through the X-ray, exposing him and getting him thrown out of the airport once again.

Disguising himself as a woman: Tom dresses up in a wig, bras, high heels, red bikini, and, of course, holding a fake luggage. He walks to the guard and poses sexy for him, eventually being let in.

Right when the security guard is out of his sight, he removes his costume, sees Jerry on the floor, and proceeds to go after him. However, at the end of their chase, they accidentally fall into the airplane's luggage bin and it takes off.

The airplane lands at the beach, where Jerry is seen making a sand sculpture of Tom, but it bursts and is revealed to be the real Tom, who chases him down the beach.