Tarzan Jerry of the Jungle is a twenty-third episode from the New Tom and Jerry Show

Characters Edit

Tom Cat

Jerry Mouse

Tuffy Mouse

and Spike

Tom Tuffy and Spike as Three Jungle Explorers

and Jerry as Tarzan

Tarzan Jerry wearing a loincloth Jerry Mouse does his Tarzan Yell Chest-Beating and Swinging on Vines

Plot Edit

in this Episode begins Deep in the Jungle Jungle Explorer Tom Jungle Explorer Tuffy and Jungle Explorer Spike searching for Tarzan Jerry.

Jungle Explorer Tom take Photos about Animals

Jungle Explorer Tuffy use Binoculars looking for Tarzan Jerry.

Jungle Explorer Spike talk to the Animals.

until One Day The Lion came The Explorers screamed in terror when Suddenly They heard a sound Tarzan Yell

it was Tarzan Jerry.

Tarzan Jerry beat his Chest and Swinging on a Vines from Tree to Tree and Surfing on Vine Surf

and Tarzan-Like Yell

Tarzan Jerry becomes King of the Jungle and Protector of the Jungle.

Tarzan Jerry use a Sword and fights the Lion.

to Chop the Lion Hair off

and Lion runs Away.

Three Explorers cheered Tarzan Jerry

Tarzan Jerry swings on Jungle Vines and does his Tarzan Yell

and Went to the Treehouse

Tarzan Jerry lived in a Treehouse in Africa

Jungle Animals cheered for Tarzan Jerry King of the Jungle.

Three Explorers went out for a walk.

All the Sudden

Three Explorers trapped in a Quicksand.

Three Explorers is stuck in Quicksand.

Three Explorers call for help.

They heard a strange sound

they swinging on a vine and Tarzan Jerry use a Jungle Yell

and Save three Explorers

Tarzan Jerry is very Happy.

This Episode ends Tarzan Jerry

Swinging on a vines and Surfing on Tree Surf

The Sunset into the Sky

Tarzan Jerry does his Tarzan Yell

and Beat his Chest Once Again.