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Thomas harriet
Tom 2
Thomas the young anthropomorphic cat
Vital statistics
Title The cat

MR.Tom harriet

Sir.Tom harriet

Gender Male
Race anthropomorphic cat
Faction earth
Health good
Level 5
Status alive
Location the darksule
Tom is the son of Tom harriet and toodles harriet and the main character of the show


he is a anthropomorphic cat with gray fur.he also wears a baseball cap on his head

in school he wears a orange shirt with white coloured t shirt.he also wears a blue coloured pant

in material art class he wears a white keikoji with a white belt in the head he wears a sky blue hachimaki


he is just like tom always chase jermiah.his father always give him some good lessons.well his mother don,t want it

when tom is free.she always gives tom somes good advices and spend sometime with him

  • tom in his school uniform
  • tom in material art class