To Mouse or Not to Mouse is a 1999 cartoon, released in December 31, 1999.


Tom is searching for Jerry at the beach when he has a camera! Tom tries to catch him but he meets Butch (who is wearing a necklace), stuck in the sand. Jerry takes a photo of him being shocked, then goes back home and gives Mammy Two-Shoes the photo. She is very excited about the sand in the photo and goes away to buy some pizza to Tom. Jerry is attacked by a cannibal boy who says "Mmmmm, barbecued mouse!" The native boy chases after Jerry until he runs into his mousehole.

Meanwhile, Tom is searching for Jerry, who is inside his mousehole, having a vacation and eating some pizza and drinking some coke. Tom tries to catch him but he gives the pizza to Tom. He eats it but it turns out to be "AIDS forever: the pizza of BrainMax". Upon eating it, it increases his mood and make him become friends with Jerry.

Mrs. Two-Shoes is still searching for Tom, when she sees him friends with Jerry. She warns Tom te become very angry with Jerry. However, instead of being angry at Jerry, he becomes extremely angry and rips his skin, revealing a human's body. Tom then beats Mrs. Two-Shoes (off-screen). A chair, Princess Diana 1997 book, pizza box, lamp and Nintendo 64 box are then shown being thrown out of the house. Finally, Tom finally killed Mrs. Two-Shoes and went with Jerry to buy some ice cream.

Mrs. Two-Shoes' eyes glow yellow, then pink, then orange, then purple, then green, and finally red. She has become the Looney Tunes' descendants. Will they beat up Tom and Jerry to death?


  • This episode might have been made to celebrate New Year 2000.
  • When Mrs. Two-Shoes start to glow, she might have become angry, but she is still wearing her clothes.
  • This episode might continue here.