Court charactersEdit


i'll take the case (whenever they get a client)

so tell mr.gar did you see enid come in contact with ko?

no further questions

mrs.watterson were you aware of a government bat?

okay who broke my vase

atleast my revival show is good (arguing with robin)


we'll take the case (whenever they get a client)

have any other witnesses

yo face (arguin with robin)

Toodles GaloreEdit

okay tommy (her catchphrase)

tommy your client is here

it's not easy being a secretary

i did

yeow! (getting spanked)

yeah i learned my lesson (after getting spanked)

man i won't be able to sit down for months (in corner)


oh my (the only thing she says)


hello all you happy people (catchphrase)

i am so happy

this a happy ending

i guess it's a charm i have (whenever a woman kisses him)

Lucius FoxEdit

i got it (catchphrase)

where is my cheese?

jerry! (after seeing jerry ate his cheese)

i give up (annoyed)

Other/Defendant CharactersEdit


yeah ko seemed a bit intoxicated but turns out he was indeed knocked out but not by enid i mean they share a bond

sometimes i wish he was with me not that i like him *Blushes*

okay so maybe i do like him

well i'm just glad everything was resolved


Spike the BulldogEdit

all rise for judge *insert name here*

screw this i'm out of here *leaves*

ow my foot!

fuck off andy (after andy get's taken to jail)

sorry son (apologizing to tyke for swearing)


dad watch your language (after spike tell andy to fuck off)

that's better

aw gee this is getting hecktic

are we going to hell for that joke? (catchphrase)

oh no the door is locked

use your head


yabbo dabba do

what are we gonna do tyke?

but i don't wanna use my head (being uses a battling ram for the door)


tom jerry get in here (calling for tom and jerry)

ha ha (Insert innuendo here)

watch out for the wrecking ball! (warning people of the wrecking ball as it comes by)

and people say my show is bad (to andy)

atleast my show's movie looks good (arguing with tom)

oh god not that meme again (robin responding to jerry's yo face response)

Judge Roger BaxterEdit

okay honey not guilty

sorry can't make me change my verdict

take this quack away

Bugs BunnyEdit

as governer i will do my best to keep crime off the streets

yeah now let's hop around and have fun come here *Kisses lola*

just like in space jam

Deputy DustyEdit

i found him with an angry face sitting in a car i figured he was drunk driving or something

huh never thought of that

can i go now

thank you *leaves*

Mr. GarEdit

i am a hero i am the boss of lakewood plaza turbo

yeah they think enid struck ko *In clint eastwood like voice* those damn bastards...

not that i know of

yes carol saw it she is a fine woman *blushes* uh not that i like her or anything *nervously laughs*

Rick SanchezEdit

i knew it i will take this guilty bastard out of here

morty?! you are the client? (facepalms) oh god i knew that purge would come back to haunt me

Nicole WattersonEdit

we need your help guys my son is in court apparently there is some government bat he killed

no i wasn't nobody ever tells me these things besides i kinda was in bed with my husband if you know what i mean *purrs*

i knew it i knew there was no government bat!

stop groping/spanking my ass! (whenever someone gropes or spanks her butt)

*twerks her ass with enid* what can't a girl let loose?

ow ow ow ow ow ow ow stop it i will be good i promise! your giving me flashback!!! (being spanked by tom for breaking his vase)

Judge Jacques SchneeEdit

okay not guilty


spoiled sport

damn your right!

what the fuck?

Burt BurtonburgerEdit


not guilty

alright short recess

case dismissed

alright sone i forgive you not guilty

Judge Lynn Loud, Sr.Edit

sorry lola your guilty as charged

i can't believe i did that

oh well what ya gonna do

Ford PinesEdit

oh shut up!

come on don't make this hard

Daffy DuckEdit

your despicable!


ow *after getting hit by piano


curse you jerry!

but uncle jerry

alright uncle jerry you win

Fred JonesEdit

come on

that's what they all say

Pizza BoyEdit

but i'm innocent

why you little

you will be sorry!

i'm back bitches!

so let me get this straight since evidence shows i went through hell to get the pizza delievered i get thrown back in the slammer but with a shorter sentence?

oh hell yeah finally some justice!


you stole my name bitch


Jeannie (Jeannie)Edit

i did not!


Ben TennysonEdit

this watch is for good

that's a reboot and it's crappy too

yeah i won!

Rook BlonkoEdit



how many finger am i holding up?

Lucy MannEdit

curse you yoink!


i sniffity sniffed everywhere

it was the best i could on short notice

hit the music

*Marches off to his theme song*

Ranger SmithEdit

yes i'm guilty

well what you want me to do?

feed him? oh god

lord give me strength


uh hello food

first pokemon then monsumo digimon now food? man they are running out of ideas

yeah it was pretty stupid


i am not a stripper nor have i ever benn

*smiles* awesome

Lola BunnyEdit

he raped me and inserted a dildo into my vagina

he also put glass in it it hurt

there goes my virginity

well what do you know?


i didn't drown that child

i knew something was up

knew it

The Powerpuff GirlsEdit

mojo jojo is evil

sorry mojo but you lose

into the cage mojo

Stan SmithEdit

oh god i'm gonna die!

phew that was close

Bob BlecherEdit

yeah i know but it's not what it looks like


why that little green turd!

Peter GriffinEdit


oh no


yeah! *freeze* somebody get me down please!

Sterling ArcherEdit

yeah i uh tend to do weird things

it's a living

i do not sound like bob belcher

so what's the verdict guilty or not guilty?


yeah now if you don't mind i got a mission to solve *rides off in car*

Lazlo, Clam and RajEdit

he is always grumpy

clam agree

me three

we don't know nothing can cheer him up

lumpus grumpy

yay! we're innocent!

clam happy

the victory is won my brothers


dude you wanna know about my personal life what is wrong with you

uh me and mordecai broke up it was really emotional

wow have you grown

ooh i love it when you talk dirty

Miles MoralesEdit

i am not an impersonator

he trained me!

i told you

Morty SmithEdit

oh geez i don't wanna go to jail

*sigh* thank god

thank you

The Time Man-a Man of TimeEdit

*speaks in fast motion*

Penelope PitstopEdit

why of all the nerve

he gave me a wedgie and embarrased me in front of a whole audience

pervert *slaps dick*

thank you honor

serves you right


he didn't have any christmas spirit




Blythe BaxterEdit


but dad

come on dad you know this is all false right?

Gumball WattersonEdit

please don't let them take me!

i don't wanna be fucked


that sick twist stole jake

yeah send that sicko away


Randy CunninghamEdit

i didn't write this show

what the jucie?


yes i win again

Milo, Oscar and BeaEdit


you just got milo'ed

see ya bp

Homer SimpsonEdit

i don't remember my brain is the size of a walnut

i guess i was drunk

so does that mean i win?


Axe CopEdit

i am a cop a police cop

it's my weapon

thank you your honnor

nah i'm just a cop an axe cop

Danny PhantomEdit

it's sends them to the ghost zone

i'm half ghost

i'm going ghost! *turns to danny phantom*

hello freedom!

Master SplinterEdit

my poor brave son

i rold i didn't do it

turtle soup more like shredded cheese *laughs* i made a funny


Ruby RoseEdit

but i didn't do it (cries*

yay thank you thank you thank you


Captain ManEdit

uh his name is the toddler

see i told you

oh geez

i'm okay i am indestructible

The JelliesEdit

we adopted him and raised him like he was our own

we won? we won?

Dating GuyEdit

hey i'm a ladies man

fuck you judge

Andy LarkinEdit


i take the fifth

god damnit

Johnny TestEdit

told ya

yeah yeah yeah bla bla bla

did i just say that out loud

oh so close

say waht?


told ya

megabyte is evil he did it


now off i go *Presse button* reboot *vanishes*

Two Black GuysEdit

we were home watching tv

we won?


Penn ZeroEdit

my name is penn zero i'm a part time hero i substitute for when heroes don't suceed i go everywhere save the day make things right i've been a robot i've been a bunny and a knight

yeah my parents left and never returned

uh no i didn't do anything wrong

thank god

Jimmy Two-ShoesEdit

i'm jimmy two shoes i make people happy

yeah it's a living

i was at my house hanging with my best friend beezy he and his girlfriend were counting fish if you know what i mean

well out of nowhere some skunk guy came in and demanded our money

i played along and tried to get him to leave i pretended to be a tougher criminal but at that moment the cops showed up and arrested me

i'm telling i didn't do it

yes i told you


i'm a guy who lives on the edge

okay so i lied so what?

oh geez

well fuck


robotboy good guy made to protect earth

tommy best friend

i not a toy



dude that was awesome

so i was drunk

i do not sound like chris mcclain


i don't wanna go to jail

diplomatic immunity ftw that means for the win

can i go now?



i'm bat i protect gotham

they tried to kill me

i did not rape them

told ya

sorry girl but crime doesn't pay



your just making us look bad

alright winner winner

vada bing vada bang vada voom

The LoudsEdit

help us!

we won?

part at my house er our house

stop badgering the witness spongebob

SpongeBob SquarePantsEdit

sorry *throws badger away*

so that's it

we did it we won!


*keeps laughing* sorry

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

too slow

there he goes

get him

anyone seen my chili dog?

where do we go from here?

Milo MurphyEdit

yeah it's part of my family thing

milo murphey's law

see ya

Inspector GadgetEdit


i think i got a go go gadget erection

go go gadget...sadness *cries*

wowsers i won

thanks you twoi owe you one

Secret SquirrelEdit

agent secret squirrel

they think i was showing off my goods

you know*imitates someone flashing someone else*

i'll tell you but i would have to kill you

i'm a spy a secret spy like spyfox only i think i came out first or maybe it was the other way around i am not too sure

see that evidence was false

Archie AndrewsEdit

i tell ya i didn't murder cassidy

how doi know? well my memory is blurry

omg i did murder cassidy

holy shit i knew it!

thanks for helping me prove my innocence guys i really appreciate it

dude both of the things your from suck *ending robin and tom's arguement*


hello tom and jerry i'm glad you took the case

yeah murder larson littering robbery and illegal use of a guitair

so you think we can you can do it?

thanks if we win i will take you out for dinner

rocko wallaby i work at a comic shop kinda my thing

well they are all pretty good but my personal fav is really really big man

oh he is this big buff guy he has a rather strange power

you see he has nipples that can see into the future if you look into them

no none of the writers were high when they made the character

well i was on my way to heffer's house we were playing a game of eels and escalators you know that game from spongebob?

well anyway we were about to see who would win but then the cops just came in and forced my head down i couldn't feel my teeth

oh god somebody put me out of my misery

fred what are you doing here?

it's that clown from last week

you mean he was wearing a mask?

alright buddy let's see who you really are *takes it off revealing mrs,bighead underneath*

mrs,bighead? it was you?

so that must mean she dressed up as a clown to try and murder her husband

shame on you mrs,bighead you could've just gone to couples therapy

and she wouldn't have gotten away with it too if it weren't for fred

rooby rooby roo what somebody has to say it


zak just zak

they think i am crazy about the rabbids please help

zak just zak i have been trying to experiment on the rabbids to see them and i have made som startling discoveries *shivers*

look i am not crazy if my attorney's get proof will you let me go?

see i told you

yeah thanks for everything i will be sure to recommend you


i need your helps guys

causing multiple fires

superman i would tell you but i am superhero and i can't reveal my secret indentity

you know my occupation

look i have laser vision i was saving the world kinda obvious

see? that was coincidental

thank goodness i don't think i would've made it through prision


tom and jerry i need you help

some dog park won't allow dogs

snoopy beagle i'm a pet to charlie brown and i have had many occupations

i went up to the dog park as always hoping to have some fun all of a sudden the man said no dogs allowed angrily i told him but it's a dog park he just got angry and attacked me and called the cops

he's crazy i tell ya don't listen to him

serves you right you crazy dog hater


my name is garfield i'm an orange fat cat

i love lasagna i see it and i eat it

oh yeah john makes me anything i want but sometimes he tries to get me to loose weight but it all goes back to normal

sure i kick odie off the table sometimes but he is still my friend we have been on many adventures

don't mention binky that clown is crazy anyone remember binky the clown? didn't think so

yes not guilty

i hope you learned your lesson nermal

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

i'm sonic the fastest thing alive

yeah i'm fast

no i don't do speed if i did i would be zoning out

no that is now what i meant

i don't do speed!

just get me out of here

phew that was close


i need your help they think i am a ferocious eating machine

kirby i'm a hero from another planet

well there have been cases of me causing wars and me being a monster but i swear nintendo made that story not me

i swear dedede

so i'm free to go?

oh sweet thank you

Kitty KatswellEdit

kitty katswell tuff agent

well i do enjoy cat thing a bit too much i go crazy

what no i didn't say anything like that

oh fuck you tuffy

see no rabies just crazy over cat things

oh you know moues cat nip scratching posts cat nip you know

i have saved the world millions if not dozens of times

ugh the chamelon don't get me started he is an old enemy of mine

he has a suit which camouflages him and has him turn into anything

yes!!! finally thank you!


i didn't scam anyone please they're lying

yeah i didn't scam anyone

okay i scam a few people

a couple of people?

okay i scammed everyone just give me the guilty verdict

make it stop!!!!!

when will i learn? *getting escorted to jail*

Dan ZembrovskiEdit

i need your help i beat up a mall santa

my name is dan zembrovski i an unemployes as of late

i went to the mall as usual suddenly i see this guy beating up a mall santa and i tried to help him up but the cops arrested me

yeah i have but i didn't hurt him

sigh there goes my life

Mark DexlerEdit

i need help i have done many crimes and they are trying me for it

i take the fifth


fifthity fifth

alright i'm mark dexler and as for my occupation i am an ex con

darn i forgot about that tape i mean fifth?

yeah i knew that was gonna happen


*speaks like he does in the games*

oh excuse me had a frog in my throat

i am link i am the hero of time

it's just link

they never gave me a last name i've been around since mario and they still haven't given me a last name

well i do but..

let me finish asshole sorry for my language

i do but there are rupee's in there

i swear there are rupees in there

rupees are gems you can also use them as money

well excuse me princess!


i am mario last name is also mario

i'm a plumber or atleast i was but i don't do that anymore

i have had many jobs mostly saving the princess from bowser's clutches

i am not really sure what a bowser is but mama mia is even fatter then i am

wahoo we did it!


i am duke sir i am the leader of an army unit called gi joe go joe!

cobra is a terrorist unit cobra has a helmet which covers his face

yeah we are friendly we even have sgt.slaughter as a member you know the wrestler?

thanks you sir

Optimus PrimeEdit

i am optimus prime i am the leader of a group of aliens called the autobots we protect earth from megatron and his evil decepticons we lost cybertron our home planet during our war with them it's sad

i was on the battlefield with my fellow autobots bumblebee was about to go in but he was wounded i went in to finish the job but the cops came in for some odd reason and arrested me

yeah yeah they do

we have cause damage but i didn't mean it

by the allspark


i am lion-o leader of the thundercats

we're not really cats we are just alien catlike humanoid cats who grew in size

i have the sword of omens

well it kinda let's me see into things others can't take a look

oh my

*covers his boner* thundercats whoa! take it easy!

we all play different roles cheetarah has speed panthro is strong wilykit wilykat throws bombs tygra is an excellent marksman i don't know what snarf does but i know it is important


i am he-man protector of grayskull

i protect it from skeletor he is a dick

he has done many evil things i lost count even counting them

i just hold my sword like this and say BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL! *turns into he-man* I HAVE THE POWER!

thanks you for your time

Apple and OnionEdit

apple and onion at your service 24 hours

apple: well we do many things we're kinda like servicemen

onion: heck if i know what i do

apple: so that's it

onion: yay we win!

Ezra BridgerEdit

we're fighting the empire they are bad guys

we are rebels it's what we do

yay i won!

Vambre and ProhyasEdit

vambre: we're warriors for hire

prohyas: people hire us we do the job get money for more magiswords

vambre: well they come in different forms

prohyas: some strange

vambre: so that means

prohyas: son of a bitch!

vambre: to think we trusted you

Hank HillEdit

i'm hank hill i work at strickland propane

if i was guilty would i be protesting?

told i wasn't guilty


Xander CrewsEdit


deadpool the merc with a mouth

well i do shoot alot but it's my job

look i did all those murders to save my girlfriend

sweet can i go now this episode is getting too long

Flint LockwoodEdit

yeah i make it rain meatballs

but we are living in a new jungle

please help me!

do something anything!

help me steve

yeah he is not too bright

Jimmy NeutronEdit

i'm a boy genius and have saved the world multiple times not to brag or anything

goddard is a custom built robot canine

see that wasn't me!

puking planet why?


so that's they're game

El TigreEdit

el tigre

i would but i would put my family and friends in danger

i come from miracle city a grimey cesspool of crime and villainy

hey don't blame me i didn't make the rules

aye aye aye

my ffather is a hero my grandpappi is a villain

it's complicated

yeah! in your face black cruveo

Anakin SkywalkerEdit

Maybe this force vision will have prove.

I'll show you. (We see Anakin having flashback from when he was a boy, killing Dooku, and at the opera house.)

See. He's been trying to tempt me with The Dark Side. It was The Chancellor. He is The Sith Lord and the traitor to the Republic!

Emperor PalpatineEdit

Grizzly BearEdit

yeah it was just one time

i am grizzly bear i live with ice bear and pan pan

yeah there was that but i swear it was one time

phew that was a narrow escpae

Gramma Alice GreenEdit

i don't have an official name

That's right. Alice it's my offical name.

stop shouting i'm thinking

yep moved form the country to the city

i may be old but i can still hear

shut up and accept your defeat


oy names tracer member of overwatch

we save the world from terroists

so with alll the evidence it was him the whole time?

cheers love

sorry i am not into guys


Roxie McTerrierEdit

Chris McLeanEdit


Dick DastardlyEdit


Dread BaronEdit



King KoopaEdit

Larry Koopa, Roy Koopa, Morton Koopa, Jr., Wendy O. Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Iggy Koopa and Ludwig von KoopaEdit

Cheatsy Koopa, Bully Koopa, Big Mouth Koopa, Kootie Pie Koopa, Hip, Hop and Kooky von KoopaEdit

Dean VentureEdit

Hank VentureEdit