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it is the offical game based on tom and jerry is also the sucedder of tom and jerry fist of furry but not like it game it is action is for pc,ds,3ds,wii and playstation.

playable chracters from the fristEdit

Characters about
Tom cat

tom cat is plable from frist from the

level.he is very sharp cat.he could use his

tail to the opprent is back

Jerry mouse

Jerry mouse is the best friend and the enemy of tom.

he is small but has some powers to defeat anybody.

Butch cat

The great rival of tom you can play as him.he is very wide but the

angry make his fighting power

Spike Spike the bulldog.he is sad beacuse his son was catched by dog cather.

Unlockable charactersEdit

characters about how to unlock
Toddles galore Toddles is the girlfriend of Tom cat.she is kiddnaped by the yukom(a yellow cat the rival of red cat).after she will be saved.she will ignore butch and become the players girlfriend After saving her in Level 8
Tyke Tyke is kidnapped by the dog catcher.the player need free by defeating the dog catcher after freed him in level 3
Tuffy tuffy is the nephew of jerry.after freeing tyke as a reward for defeating the boss tyke wil be unlocked  in Level 4
Mammy two shoes he is the owner of the tom cat.after defeating her and comepleting the after level she wil be unlocked In Level 6
Red cat red cat is exclusive you can buy him from the store

The store


Green cat green mouse is eclusive you can buy him from the store

The store


Muscle Tom you can play as muscle tom after defeating tyke,butch and spike in battle mode Defeat tyke,butch and spike in battle mode

exclusive powered charactersEdit

characters about

how to unlock

Spider tom Spider tom is the spiderman version of tom.he could climb wall and shoot webs just like real spiderman do collect  all of the spider coins as tom
Bat jerry Bat jerry is the batman version of jerry.he could fly with his bat jetpack.he also other electric things collect all of the bat coin as jerry
Toodles cat Toddles cat is the black cat version of toodles.he could climb and has sharp claws defeat the dog catcher and collect two bombs
Doctor spike docter doom version of spike.he is very smart and has electrical powers. beat the game with spike
super butch superman version of butch.

complete level 1-10


dog catchers

humanoid lizard

underwater monster


butch robots

spike robots

the pumkin ghosts


minster cat clones


Dog catcher

Doctor lizard

Lochness monster

El chupacabra

the giant pumkin ghost

Primary zombie

middle zombie